Lee Quinby is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and an American Studies scholar. With Erickson Blakney, she co-founded the True Delta Project, a non-profit multimedia effort to support a range of community-based efforts in the Mississippi Delta, including recognition for regional blues musicians, music instruction for young blues musicians, and improved educational initiatives in the area.

Her academic career included positions as the Harter Chair at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, the Gannett Chair at Rochester Institute of Technology, the Zicklin Chair at Brooklyn College, and most recently as Distinguished Lecturer at William E. Macaulay Honors College of the City University of New York City, specializing in the study of apocalyptic and millennial belief in American society. She is the author of three books – Millennial Seduction (1999), Anti-Apocalypse (1994) and Freedom, Foucault, and the Subject of America (1991)–editor of Genealogy and Literature (1995) and co-editor of Feminism and Foucault (1988), Gender and Apocalyptic Desire (2006), and Reel Revelations (2010). Her journal articles have been published in numerous journals, including American Historical ReviewConstellationsESQ, and SIGNS, and she was guest editor of the Women’s Studies Quarterly special issue on “Women Confronting the New Technologies” (2001).